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A Review Of Bagasse Biodegradable Food Containers

  • Today's write-up will give you a quick summary of bagasse and bagasse compostable food service ware. We will then present 3 short reasons explaining why we are supporters of bagasse biodegradable food packaging.

    Bagasse Background - Bagasse, in the event that you do not know, is a left-over off shoot of the sugarcane harvesting process. Effectively, sugarcane when it's brought to a plant to be refined, is squeezed for its liquid and the leftover fibrous product is bagasse. Bagasse has typically simply been discarded or it has been employed as a fuel in some plants to run the sugarcane production process; however unfortunately, as a result of being utilized as a fuel source, it releases quite a few toxins straight into the environment.

    Today, bagasse is getting turned into compostable food containers. Here are 3 brief reasons detailing why we are supporters of bagasse compostable plates & food packaging.

    #1 - Sustainable. Bagasse is derived from sugarcane which is a yearly renewable plant. Sugar cane grows very quickly and by employing it in compostable plates & biodegradable food containers you're keeping it from either being thrown away or getting used as a fuel which does emit pollutants straight into the atmosphere.

    #2 - If you've actually held a bagasse product previously or if you've gotten a close look at a bagasse food container, you will have witnessed that the package has a very natural appearance. Biodegradable plates molded from bagasse are textured and the products truly do appear quite natural. This is important especially when bagasse products end up in commercial composting centers (which happens to be a key component of taking advantage of the environmental benefits of bagasse). If bagasse biodegradable plates land in those composting facilities, it is quite easy to identify that the biodegradable plate was produced from bagasse, that the product does belong in a municipal composting facility, that it is going to compost, and that the container shouldn't be sorted out of that composting center.

    #3 - The third reason we're big fans of bagasse is quite frankly the high quality of the containers. Bagasse biodegradable food containers and plates are extremely tough. They're very strong and certainly one of the greatest features they have in addition is that they hold up to temperatures north of 150 degrees fahrenheit very well. You can easily place very hot soup into a bagasse product; really, you can put a range of very hot foods in bagasse and you are going to see a small abount of moisture beneath the container, but otherwise it is going to look after that heated food very well.

    So, that's our overview of bagasse and bagasse food containers.

    If you want, you may find out more regarding bagasse biodegradable food containers and how to purchase bagasse biodegradable plates.

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