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Where to download Dragon City mod in 2023?

  • Dragon City - become the best Dragon Lord! Create your own city on the Floating Islands and fill it with farms, habitats, buildings... and dragons! Train your cute babies and raise them, and then they will protect you in battles.

    Breeding is very important in Dragon City: crossbreed Fire, Nature, Legend and many more to breed rare hybrids and expand your collection. You can also get dragons in exclusive events!

    Features of the game Dragon City:

    Complete the Book of Dragons! There are over 500 dragons;
    New dragons join the game every week in breeding events and on special islands;
    Create a beautiful city of your dreams that other players will visit!
    Fight other Dragon Lords in Leagues and test yourself in Tournaments!
    Unlock advanced features such as the Ancient World and Guardian Dragons;
    You can help your friends in Dragon City, visit them and send gifts!

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