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What Is Marketing Management? An Essential Introduction

  • Managing successful activities, schedules, costs, and resources required to execute campaign marketing is not easy but marketing management has made it possible. The process of marketing management is used for streamlining the marketer's job and helps to reach the base of the customer for accurately and quickly responding to the demands of target customers. 

    What Is Marketing Management? An Essential Introduction
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    Marketing Management And Its Importance

    The marketing management process is used for planning, tracking, and executing the organisation’s marketing strategy. This includes tactics, campaigns, and a plan of marketing used for creating as well as meeting the demands and needs of all target customers to gain profitability and growth. To ensure that you are taking the right decisions, it is important to do market research to understand the marketplace. 
    Marketing Management And Its Importance
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    Key Elements Of Marketing Management

    There are some key elements that help to understand the accomplishment of marketing management in a better way:
    • Marketing Mix:- There are 4Ps around which marketing revolves: Product, Place, Promotion, and Price.
    • Marketing Plan:- It is a document form that outlines the company’s marketing strategy. This includes a budget for marketing that covers all activities with cost.
    • Marketing Strategy:- It is a plan that covers how the company can approach its target customers including marketing functions aspects like branding, advertising, market research, pricing, and distribution channels. It also encompasses marketing budgets, campaigns, and plans.
    Key Elements Of Marketing Management
    • Marketing Campaign:- It consists of tactics and activities that are presented in the plan of marketing. Marketing campaigns are of different types with varying budgets and scopes. It is developed mainly for promoting a brand, product, or corporation.
    • Marketing Budget:- This element describes money that is required for covering all marketing activities included in the company. Always plan an estimation of the cost of all activities before specifying the budget and this avoids overruns of cost in marketing campaigns.
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    Take Management Assignment Help To Learn 7 Functions Of Marketing Management

    There are 7 functions that are important for marketing management to satisfy the needs and demands of customers:
    • Promotion
    • Selling
    • Pricing
    • Product Management
    • Financing and Budgeting
    • Market Research
    • Distribution
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    Marketing Management is the best process for planning, implementing, and creating strategies to achieve business objectives. MBA Assignment Writing Services provide the best services similar to Treat Assignment Help AU for assignments.
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